Ines Laimins


Ines is an American actress based in Hong Kong, NYC, and LA, fluent in Mandarin, she works internationally in film, commercial, and TV. 

Ines was born in Iowa, raised in Chicago with immigrant parents.  Her mother is Russian, her father is Latvian, her first language growing up in the US was Latvian.  A classically trained dancer, lead to modelling and then to theater while at Northwestern University.  She has always been in front of the camera or on stage, most comfortable there creating characters and telling stories. 

Ines speaks Mandarin fluently and can read as well.  She spent two years in Taipei learning the language and then two years at Hong Kong University obtaining a certificate in Mandarin proficiency, reading, writing, and speaking.   Her goal is to become fluent in Cantonese by the end of next year and her dream is to continue to work steadily in film using both languages, in HK and in China. 

She has been very fortunate to have worked with some talented actors and directors in the industry including Joe Pytka, Xu Jing Lei, Miguel Ferrer, Tiger Chen, Keanu Reeves, and Sidse Babett Knudsen.