Ines Laimins 李美思

Actor 演员 

Film and television
  Movie Title
 Production Co
 2013 (in production)
 Game On
 Idol Films
 Aaron Palermo
 Gus & Chloe
 Rock Ginger Films
 Christopher Bates
 Man of Tai Chi
 Universal/China Film Group (cut scene)
 Keanu Reeves
 Mrs Casanova
 DR Fiktion
 Charlotte Sieling
HK Property CEO
 Dear Enemy
 China Film Group
 Xu Jinglei
 Catherine Portas
 Four Assassins
 Strada Films
 Stanley J Orzel
 WanChai Baby
 Dragon Horse Films
 Craig Addison
Spot Title
 Production Company
 PhosImage/SameWay Films
 Joe Pytka
 Cookoo Watch
 MarVivo Films
 JL Boneficano
 HuaHui Telecom
 Media Village Films
 Charles Edwards
 NonStop Energy
 Ukraine Films
 Antoine Marcauex
 Hyena Films
 Zhong Chan/Sui Dee
 Macau Tourism
 Salon Films
 Jason Kwan
 HK Brand
 Kennetic Films
 Kenneth Chan
 TaiChi practitioner
Northwestern University
 BA Psychology/Theater
 Miller Voice Method
 July-August 2010
 Scott Willaims (NY)
 Meisner Technique
 Sept 2011 - present - ongoing
 Jeanne Hartmann (LA)
 Coaching - character development
 March 2011 - present - ongoing

Other Related Experience

Appears regularly in stage works in HK.   Classically trained in ballet with
years in musical theater work while living in Chicago.

Special Skills
Good soprano voice (performance level); Dance (ballet/modern/jazz/ballroom- performance level);
Clean Driving License (US and HK), Horse Riding, daily yoga practitioner, piano

Languages Spoken
English (native), Latvian (native), Mandarin (fluent), German (conversational)
Accents American, British, Russian, Italian